funeral celebrant

You don't have to use a Celebrant or a Religious Minister for a funeral, but most families opt to have one as guidance at a very hard time.  Funeral Celebrants can work with any funeral home and ensure that you have all the options to have the funeral service you desire, and someone who can deliver it in a calm, respectful way.

Basket of Flowers

"The song is ended, but the melody lingers on"

Irving Berlin
Service Options:
  • Lighting a candle or candles.
  • Music played before/during/after the service.
  • Live musicians or a bagpiper.
  • Video taken of service.
  • Eulogy delivered by a family member or by the Celebrant.
  • Photos backed by music for a lovely reflection time.
  • Hymns or songs sung.
  • Invited guests to speak.
  • Open floor for people to get up and share their memories.
  • Casket signed by those in attendance.
  • Petals placed on the casket. 
  • Prayers, poems or readings.
The Process
  • Call me, or ask your chosen Funeral Home to get in contact with me.
  • We arrange a time for me to come and visit with you to discuss your wishes, and to record your memories.
  • I write a service and email it to you so you can ensure that it is the perfect send-off for your loved one.
  • I work with the Funeral Home to ensure all your wishes are met and things are ready for the funeral.
  • On the day I am at the location of the funeral an hour before the start time, checking everything is in order.
  • I perform the service with reverence and respect, there is never any rush or stress.

Pre-planning your funeral arrangements can take some of the logistical stress off of your family after your death, and ensure that you get the kind of funeral you want.

We can discuss just the broader details or get right up to the final product, it is completely up to you. 

Q. What kind of people pre-plan their funeral?

A.  I find that requests come evenly from those who are sick or terminal, and those who are looking ahead and wanting to ensure they have plans in place to make their death easier for their families.  I also get asked to come and interview someone about their life so we have a life history of memories and events recorded - we don't even need to discuss the funeral when we do this.

Q. What sort of things do we need to decide on?

A.  You get to choose what you'd like to put into your plan - it may be general, or it might be really specific.  I take you through a list of items such as music, eulogy, speakers, photos, memories, poems/prayers/readings, where you'd like to have it and if you'd prefer to be cremated or buried.  I can't guarantee that your wishes will be followed, but families are usually relieved that there is a plan in place, and wishes are known.  I am not associated with a particular funeral home so I won't sell you a pre-paid funeral plan or lock you into any details.  I will not insist you pick out a casket, but I am more than happy to show you pictures if you'd like so we can note down what you would like.  I do not offer incentives from any businesses but am happy to recommend florists/funeral homes/musicians/caterers etc. if asked.

Q.  Will you do my funeral?

A.  It is hard to predict what bookings I will have in advance, but I certainly will do my very best to be your celebrant.  If I can't, I will recommend another celebrant and happily pass on all your pre-planned details.  You will also have a copy of all we have planned and your family can pass this on to the Funeral Director as well.

Q. How long will it take?

A. This service is provided with sensitivity, compassion and complete discretion. The appointment will not be rushed and you can take as much time to complete this as you need.  The time taken usually varies between 90 minutes and three hours depending on how much information you would like to add-in.

Q. What are the fees?

A.  For a single visit at a location of your choice, with all those you wish to have involved, I charge $350 for a pre-planning session and will provide you with all the details we have discussed and a draft service script sent via Google Docs or emailed in a PDF format.  Extra visits $50 per hour (although for compassionate reasons this might be waived if the client cannot manage a longer session due to illness).  

Q.  What legal advice do you give?

A.  I am not a lawyer so I will direct your questions to a lawyer as needed, but I will always suggest that you have an up to date Will and Power of Attorney in place, plus have a strategy of communicating passwords and financial information to your loved ones.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have.