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Do I need an MC at my event?

I highly recommend one!  At any event where there is people attending there needs to be someone to give directions, keep things running on time and solve problems.  If you don't have a person to do this at your event or wedding that person might end up being you! 


Who should I ask?

You've got lots of choices - someone in your bridal party, a family member, a friend or a paid MC.  One thing to be aware of is that when you ask someone who will be a guest at your wedding to be the MC it changes their role from being a guest to working at your wedding.  They won't get to sit and enjoy the speeches, relax through the meal or have a few drinks.  Also take into consideration how many people aren't comfortable public speaking.  Hiring a professional ensures that your guests (and you!) can relax.

What things does an MC take care of?

The MC informs and directs, ensuring everyone knows what’s happening and when.  For example, their guidance means everyone will be in the right spot for the group and family photos, have their eyes on the right doorway for your grand entrance, caterers will know if the wedding is running on time for serving dinner, guests will also be aware that speeches are coming up well ahead of time. An MC will ensure that the important guests (the bride and groom, their parents and grandparents) don't miss any special moments like cutting the cake or the first dance. It takes the stress out of the event for the bride and groom as they know they have someone working for them that is in control of the reception and will keep everything to time.

My MC style

I don't do cheesy.  There will be no jokes about being "shackled together for life" or "the old ball'n'chain".  I prefer a friendly, professional style - my job is to entertain and to facilitate the happenings of the evening. I like to get in contact with those giving speeches so we can make similar jokes to make the night have an ongoing theme and flow. I am happy to participate/organise fun moments and games for you and have lots of ideas that we can discuss.  I am very calm and quietly work behind the scenes to make your event flow smoothly, coordinating with the caterers, d.j, bar staff and the venue.


the process

We start with a meeting to go over your event - I ask for lots of details e.g. vendors details, parents names, who is giving speeches, order of the evening, songs being used. We talk about introductions and moments throughout the evening like the cutting of the cake so I know exactly what you want to happen at any given time. On the day I arrive at a time we have scheduled (usually an hour before the ceremony to greet guests, meet vendors, check over the venue), and then leave when the guests are safely on their way home.