$750 plus travel

This includes:

  • A meeting to plan your ceremony

  • A rehearsal

  • As many phone calls and emails as required

  • Help with writing your vows 

  • Reminders to ensure you have your licence and are all prepared

  • The ceremony on the day

  • The use of my speakers and microphone

  • The completion of the paperwork to ensure you are legally married!

the process

 Phone/email/text me to see if I am available on your wedding date.  
​If you haven't decided on your date yet, feel free to ring and see what dates I have available.


Meet me over a coffee at a local cafe, or I can come to your house, so you can meet me and see if I am the celebrant for you.  If you are outside of the Wellington - Levin area we can skype.
If you decide I am the one for your amazing wedding, we book in the date and start getting the details.  

A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.


In our planning meeting I ask a ton of questions to set the structure of your ceremony - we talk about music, microphones, traditions you want included, and who is walking down the aisle as well as many other details.  
I have lots of tips and tricks to make your ceremony flow smoothly, and have lots of options that I put to you to ensure you're aware of what things can be included.

Then we talk about what sort of ceremony you want - romantic, short and sweet, humorous, traditional or a mixture of everything!  Some couples prefer a beautiful pre-written ceremony to give them one less thing to think about and I have lots of options for you to choose from.  Other couples prefer to have a personalised service with the option to write their own vows.  We can chat over which options suit you and how I can help.

I send through your ceremony for you to approve - we go back and forth editing it until it is perfect for you both.  

I happily help as required with vow writing.  

Up until the wedding we keep in contact and I am only ever a phone call away if details change, or things need amending.  I email reminders to ensure you get your wedding licence and have written your vows if you have chosen to do so.


A rehearsal is included in my fee and is highly recommended. It ensures everyone is set for the big day - we can have individual practices of your vows if you wish to keep them as a surprise.  Ask your photographer to come along so they can work out which angles work best for your photos of the ceremony.  A rehearsal calms a lot of the nerves you feel as you can be confident everything will run smoothly.

On your wedding day I pop in to see the bride before your service, before heading to the venue.  I check that the microphone and music are working.  I calm nerves and seat grandparents, coo at babies and then make my way to the front. 

I lead your ceremony, help you through your vows and then joyfully announce your newly joined status!

I am responsible for making sure you are legally wed, so I ensure all paperwork is completed by you and your two witnesses as part of the ceremony and send it off to Birth, Deaths and Marriages.